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Our business has grown over the years due to our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

About Us

Why Waverly Transportation?

Our business has grown over the years due to our superior attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. As a name synonymous  with luxury and quality, Waverly Transportation works hard to ensure that every individual who contacts us receives the best possible experience. We aim to give you the best, stress free, reliable service so you can drive in style and soak in every minute of your special time.

Our Policies

Our Policies and Hourly Rates



Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates are calculated “portal to portal”, which means from the  time the vehicle leaves Harrison, New York to the time it returns to  Harrison, New York.  Taxes, 20% gratuity, STC are additional. 


3 hour minimum /   $57 per hour 


3 hour minimum /   $75 per hour 


3 Hour minimum / $85 per hour 

ME/BE Sprinter

4 hour minimum /   $110 per hour 

LGA to City - $300.00

JFK to City - $375.00

Waiting Time at Airports – Commercial Flights

Half hour waiting time on domestic flights, and one hour  waiting time on international flight arrivals are included on all  airport pickups.  After the confirmed landing time, waiting time will be  billed in ¼ hour increments rounded up to the nearest ¼ hour increment  at the hourly rate for that vehicle, plus gratuity, sales tax and STC. 

Waiting Time – Private Flights

¼ hour waiting time is included on all private flights from  “wheels down” time.  Waiting time will be billed in ¼ increments at the  hourly rate for that vehicle, plus gratuity, sales tax and STC. 

Waiting time at Residential, Business and other Commercial Locations

Customers are given ¼ hour grace period from the scheduled  pickup time.  Thereafter, waiting time is calculated in ¼ hour  increments at the hourly rate for that vehicle, plus gratuity, sales tax  and STC. 

Additional Stops

Additional tops are generally $10 to $25, depending upon the  distance traveled. Typically, stops within the same suburban town are  $10 each and stops at other towns along the way are $25. Stops within  NYC are $10 to $25, depending upon distance. Stops in another county or  borough will be charged based on the actual service. 

Early Morning Surcharge

Trips that are scheduled for pickup between 11:45 am and 5:45 am incur an additional $15.00 flat fee. 

Holiday Surcharge

Trips on the holidays listed below incur an additional $25.00 flat fee.   

  • Christmas Eve (starting at 4 pm)
  • Christmas Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • New Years Eve (starting at 4 pm)
  • New Years Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

Cancellation Policy

Two hours advanced notice is necessary for cancellation of a  reservation. If the pickup location is beyond a 30 mile radius from our  base in Mamaroneck, then cancellation must be made before the established dispatch time for that call which will be greater than the  two hours needed for local calls.  Cancellations for specialty vehicles require 7 hours advanced notice. Trips not cancelled in accordance to this policy are subject to all charges. Customer accepts full responsibility for vehicle damage or special cleaning, and authorizes company to charge for the expenses  regardless and in addition to any prior understandings and agreements.  Customer agrees that any of his/her activities or behavior is deemed by  the chauffeur to be illegal or perilous in nature will result in immediate termination of the job with no refund. A credit card must be  provided upon booking.    

Our Rates


New York

           LGA     JFK   EWR     HPN     NYC

Ardsley 90    100       116        70          100

Armonk  92  104      129        74           116

Bedford  99   111       129

Our Rates




BETHEL 150   160   175   125   165 

     BRIDGEPORT   150   160   175   125   165

  DANBURY   150   160   175   125   

DARIEN   110   120   135   85   125

    EASTON   150   160   175   125   165

     FAIRFIELD   120   130   145   90   135 

         GREENWICH   100   110   125   65   110

     MIDDLEBURY   160   170   185   130   175

       MILFORD   150   160   175   135   165 

    MONROE   145   155   170   120   160 

      NEW CANAAN   105   115 135 80 120

NEW FAIRFIELD   145   155   170   120   160

     NORWALK   122   128   140   85   130

RIDGEFIELD   145   155   175   98   145          

STAMFORD   105   115   130   80   120

     STRATFORD   135   145   160   110   150     

TRUMBULL   140   150   165   115   155 

    WESTON   120   130   145   95   135     

WESTPORT   120   130   145   95   135

     WILTON   120   130   145   95   135     


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